Obstetric Care with OB/GYN Associates


You're expecting a baby, congratulations! Choosing where to go to the doctor for your pregnancy care can be a daunting proposition. We hope to make that decision easier by providing comprehensive prenatal care that is close to home. For our pregnant patients we function as a group practice. We will try to have you see all of our doctors and providers throughout your pregnancy. This way you will have met and are comfortable with everyone by the time you deliver. This team approach allows you to benefit from the shared experience and expertise of several physicians and providers. Below we've outlined common questions you may want to ask and what to expect at each prenatal visit. 

What to expect in prenatal visits with us:

When should I schedule my first visit? What should I expect?

Ideally, we'd like to see you about 7-9 weeks after the very first day of your last period. The main goals of this appointment are to establish your due date, confirm that your pregnancy appears healthy, discuss any medical problems, and give general pregnancy advice. A typical first appointment: -Meet with medical assistant who takes a brief history -Perform urine pregnancy test -Perform vaginal ultrasound -Meet with doctor or provider to discuss the results of the ultrasound and any medical problems you might have that would impact your pregnancy.

What happens at the OB interview? (10-14 weeks)

You will normally meet with our physician assistant Angie Adkisson who will take a very detailed history of your medical problems, surgeries, allergies, family history, and prior pregnancies. She will discuss the various lab tests that are available to screen you and your baby. Examples of standard and optional tests are: -Blood type -STD testing -Blood counts -Screening for diseases you could be a carrier of (Cystic Fibrosis, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, etc) -Screening for various birth defects (Down Syndrome, Neural Tube Defects, etc.)

What happens at the OB exam visit? (16-20 weeks)

At this visit you usually meet with one of our doctors who performs a full physical and pelvic exam to try to evaluate if you would have any problems delivering a baby and to screen for infections of the pelvis. What to expect: -Physical Exam -Pelvic Exam -PAP smear if over 21 -Testing for pelvic infections

What happens for my anatomy ultrasound visit? (19-22 weeks)

The main focus of this visit is to meet with one of our sonographers who will perform a detailed evaluation to make sure everyhthing in your growing bundle of joy appear normal. They count fingers, toes, and try to get you a couple fun photos to take home and show your family. After having the ultrasound you will meet with one of our providers to discuss the results of the ultrasound and any needed follow up.

What should I expect at the diabetes screening visit? (24-28 weeks)

At this visit you come in fasting (nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night prior) and drink a sugary drink. Over the next few hours we will test your blood sugar to determine if you have developed diabetes of pregnancy. During this time period you will meet for a quick check in with one of our providers to address any issues you are having.

What happens during third trimester OB visits? (after 28 weeks)

We will continue to check on you and your baby throughout the remainder of your pregnancy, confirming that your baby's growth is on track and addressing issues with your pregnancy as they arise. At 35 weeks we typically draw a blood test to check for infections, recommend the TDAP vaccine to decrease the risk of your baby catching whooping cough in their first few months of life, and screen for Group B Strep bacteria in your vagina with a swab. After 35 weeks we continue to see you at least weekly until you deliver your bundle of joy.

Where will I deliver?

Methodist Medical Center 988 Oak Ridge Turnpike Oak Ridge, TN 37830 If you would like to schedule a VIP tour of the MMC Family Birth Center please call (865) 835-2268

Who will deliver my baby?

You will be delivered by one of our five doctors. If you go into labor on your own, you will be delivered by the on call doctor. If you have to be scheduled for induction or c-section you can generally pick the doctor of your choice to deliver your baby, as their schedules allow. If you would like to learn more about our doctors, please go to Our Team

When do I find out the sex of my baby?

Normally you find this out at the anatomy ultrasound which is completed at around 20 weeks. If you would like to know sooner, this can be determined earlier through either blood testing or a gender ultrasound after 16 weeks. If you are interested in either of these services, please call the office for more information and pricing.

Do you offer 3D/4D ultrasound?

Absolutely! How else would you find out if your bundle of joy has mom or dad's nose? This is an optional service and is not a part of routine prenatal care. If you are interested in scheduling this service, please call our office for pricing and to schedule your ultrasound.